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Vinyl Plank & Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and planks (LVP) designs offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. A highly structured surface and advances in printing technologies are bringing great new organic-type visuals to the products.

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Rich, Natural & Timeless

Our Regina Flooring Consultants will show you the characteristics to consider when buying Hardwood Flooring: Wood Species, Grade, Board Widths & Lengths, Colour, Finish, and Stability.

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crews in Regina for your flooring.

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Tile Flooring

Go Green!

with Environmentally Friendly Tile Flooring

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For Active Households!

Affordable and Attractive in Every Room

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Endless Design Possibilities!

Warm styles & textures.

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Sheet Vinyl

Versatile, Practical & Care-free

Unlimited Colours, Stylish Patterns and Water Resistance

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Commercial Flooring 

Carpet, Vinyl, Tile & More for 
Your Business Flooring Needs

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Google Reviews

Gerry KnollGerry Knoll
17:34 26 Mar 24
Lots of free parking a big variety of merchandise and the sales staff are very knowledgeable and helpful to accommodate you with what you want
Trevor ColdwellTrevor Coldwell
18:21 10 Mar 24
chad bugierachad bugiera
22:42 06 Jan 24
Awful service, was in there Saturday afternoon, stood there for 10 minutes , one guy said are u OK, I said I'm not sure I'm looking for carpet, he says oh ok well prices are on them and walked away. I walked around for another 10.minutes waiting, not one person came tosee how i was doingAll employees went back into the lunch room, watching football on the tvAnd no this wasn't peak timeNo worries went to end of the roll. In the time I stood in carpet superstore. I was in to end if the roll. Went through what I neeeded,pulled it wrapped it and on tye truckEasy 1000 bucks for them
Wilson LamWilson Lam
06:09 05 Jan 24
Bob RamsayBob Ramsay
20:39 30 Dec 23
Wanted to get flooring completed in a short time and Flooring Superstore made it happen. We received outstanding service and great value. Would highly recommend to anyone.
Tom RandTom Rand
13:35 28 Oct 23
Trent went above and beyond when helping us select our new carpet. Install was on time and on par with their estimate. We would highly recommend goin to them for all your flooring needs! We will definitely be back! Thanks Trent for your excellent assistance and Gord for the awesome install!
Mahboob AhmadMahboob Ahmad
03:36 31 Aug 23
I recently visited the Carpet Flooring Superstore in Regina and was pleasantly surprised by their wide variety of carpet options. They have an extensive stock, with a range of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from. I was able to find the perfect carpet to match my home's decor.What impressed me the most was the reasonable pricing. Compared to other flooring stores in the area, Carpet Flooring Superstore had competitive prices. I felt like I was getting a great deal without compromising on quality.The staff at the store were knowledgeable and helpful.Overall, my experience at Carpet Flooring Superstore was excellent. The combination of a vast selection, reasonable prices, and friendly staff made it a top choice for carpet flooring in Regina. I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the market for new carpet.
Karen LegendreKaren Legendre
03:17 18 Jul 23
Took a while before someone came to see if I needed help.
Ken KluzKen Kluz
00:44 01 Jul 23
Every once in a while, you find a great store that is operated by very nice people. Need flooring, go to Flooring Superstore Regina. Great products and supply and the nicest people you will meet. Their attitude made my day.
Max StozhkovMax Stozhkov
14:05 13 Jun 23
Found the tile I liked, had to be custom ordered, was told it was about 3-4 weeks away, checked in at 3 weeks was told it’s coming, called multiple times only to be promised to be called back with updates, never received a callback, I don’t even think the order was placed as other salesperson said my name is not even in the system. Reached out directly to manufacturer and turned out the tile is discontinued. Don’t recommend dealing with these guys
Fran ShepherdFran Shepherd
23:54 12 Jun 23
Great service with questions on flooring for a house
Dayne ChevrierDayne Chevrier
17:07 23 May 23
Worst customer service I have ever had will not be coming here for flooring again. Was told 3 weeks for flooring dn it took a month on tip of that they had no communication with me about ky flooring. I called on the 3 weeks to check on it and they told me they would call me the next day. I had to call back a week later because I recieved no call back and was told I would get a discount for damaged flooring. When I finally called again that following week they said it would be in the next day if not for sure by Friday. I went in Saturday and they said they didn't have it still. Finally I never got my discount on the flooring. Also apparently no one is allowed to help you with anything if it's not the sales person you ordered from. What am I supposed to do without the one person there. Ridiculous working system. Would give zero stars if I could. Oh and when I brought something up one employer got annoyed and rude about how he didn't do anything so I can't express that I'm upset about the run around I've had so I wouldn't get any help about the problems.Edit. Still have not recieved a call back about anything this is ridiculous.
Amy EricksonAmy Erickson
16:54 21 Mar 23
We recently purchase new vinyl flooring for our house from here. The flooring was great quality and we feel it was an excellent value. We had a couple extra boxes of flooring and they took it back without any questions asked (within the 60 day return window). The service we received was friendly. I would come here again in the future.
Scott SimpsonScott Simpson
20:23 26 Oct 22
Sales staff seemed helpful when we were picking out the carpet took our specifications down to also cut the carpet for us. They expected the order to take 10-14 days and would call us when complete and arrived. We called them after not hearing back for a month: "We're sorry, we should have called you. Not sure why we didn't."Picked up the carpet. Was not cut. Called back: "You're right this was written on the work order. We are sorry, but your installer should be able to do this." I'm sorry I ordered through you.
Flooring Superstore did an amazing job on my own flooring, the carpet is SO soft, it gets a BIG reaction every time someone comes over! "I could sleep on this carpet its so soft! Is this memory foam underlay" We are very very happy with the service and quality. Trent is the nicest human being, such a great community supporter! You'll feel good supporting this local business, knowing that they give back to our community!
Janna BJanna B
03:00 31 Aug 22
I cannot say enough good things about Flooring Superstore. The staff were attentive, knowledgeable and gracious. We purchased carpet, LVP, and tile. The quality is fantastic. We used three different sets of installers - all were reliable, professional and did a fantastic job. We recommend Flooring Superstore to all our family and friends.
Scott BridgemanScott Bridgeman
02:37 31 Aug 22
A special thanks to Trent and his team. We had great customer service and the price was great. Our basement looks awesome with the carpet we choose. Our kids love playing downstairs way more since it was put in. Thanks again for the great service!
01:49 31 Aug 22
We recently renovated our entire house and replaced all the flooring from top to bottom (tile, LVP and carpet).The service was incredible both when purchasing, and during the installation by the 3 separate crews. Was great to see they had high quality installers who specialized in carpet, tile and LVP.Noticed a couple tiles crack where registers were cut out, but the installer was very understanding and came back and fixed them in a short time frame (we also knew we had to be a bit lenient and patient with the timing as since Covid, and with all the storms, all trades have been extremely busy with lots of people putting money into renovations rather than going on holidays. They fit us in for the minor fixes in between other jobs coming up and we thought that was totally reasonable).Mistakes happen with everyone and every company, but when given reasonable and realistic opportunity Flooring Superstore made our floors 100% perfect!!! Our flooring looks amazing and we can’t thank them and their team enough!We dealt with them a lot during our renovation and know first hand that Trent and Rhonda have a tonne of pride in their company, they have hearts of gold and would never want to intentionally see an unhappy customer. Highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the need for flooring!
Mark ReimerMark Reimer
22:16 23 Jun 22
We had our carpet done by the flooring superstore and it says in fine print on that they might scratch the rooms they are installing in. Well this was the dining room with no flooring going down. Installers said it wasn’t them but they had our only set of keys and it was completely repainted two days prior. The guys are the flooring superstore did nothing. Brutal service
17:05 28 May 22
Re-carpeted our whole house through flooring superstore. Grant was great to deal with both times. He gave us a great price and the quality is beautiful. We looked at some other places but flooring superstore couldn’t be beat. Very happy with the service and product.

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