Flooring for your Saskatchewan cabin

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Flooring for your Saskatchewan cabin

Trent and our Trusted team at Regina’s Flooring Superstores have established a strong and loyal customer base through our commitment to excellent customer service. By being part of the powerful buying group that is the Flooring  Superstores chain, we are also able to provide quality Regina flooring at unbeatable prices. In our latest article, we discuss  what is the best flooring option for 4 season and seasonal cabins in Saskatchewan?

Unfortunately, there is no hard-and-fast answer to this question. However, there are certainly some solutions which will hold up better than others. Amid changes in temperature and humidity, all flooring materials are susceptible to expansion and contraction to some extent, but engineered hardwood flooring is going to be the most dimensionally stable material you will find. Because of its multilayered construction, the planks will not expand and contract as much as a solid hardwood floor. However, any real hardwood flooring material, whether it’s solid or engineered, may develop small gaps between the planks.


If gaps are a concern for your project, going with a floating floor might be a better option to suit your needs. Floating floors, such as laminate or newer luxury vinyl planks, have locking systems where all the planks are connected to each other and the unit simply “floats” over your subfloor without the use of adhesives or fasteners. These planks will also expand and contract, but they will do so as one whole unit because they are locked together. Floating floors tend to be more economical than hardwoods, and they are a snap to install – pun intended.

Some homeowners fear that laminate, vinyl and other floating floor materials will not have the authentic look of hardwood, but manufacturing has come a long way in making the planks look very realistic. Another option is the engineered hardwood floor paneling with locking systems, which combines a “real wood look” with the convenience of a floating floor. You could also modify your favorite engineered hardwood floor by applying glue to the tongue and groove system.

Help, my cabin is humid!

If your cottage tends to keep humidity, it is essential to choose a floor covering that is water resistant. For example, porcelain type ceramic tiles or even vinyl. The latest are sold in planks or rolls. What’s the difference? Both products are easy to install but the vinyl planks have a little extra according . It gives a more genuine wood look to the floor and when boards get damaged, they are easy to replace, which is more difficult with vinyl rolls.

Child and dirt proof cabin flooring

We love our kids… but it sometimes happens that they damage the house! Vinyl is a must when looking for a floor covering that will resist scratches and escaped toys (or even thrown!). Also colours nor too dark or too light should be preferred since dirt won’t show as much. A matte and textured finish like brushed or grained oak is easier to forgive: the floor looks cleaner than it really is!


Choosing the right flooring option in Regina can be difficult, if you are interested in learning more or if you would like an individualized estimate, simply swing by the store or contact us today!

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