Cozy Carpet In the Bedroom


Cozy Carpet In the Bedroom

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Waking up in the morning and stepping onto thick plush carpet is a great way to start your day, especially on chilly winter mornings. Adding carpet in a bedroom is a clever choice if you’re looking for an easy and economical way to warm up your space. You can layer area rugs on top for an extra cozy look.

Another benefit of carpeting is its sound dampening properties. This is great in both older houses and condos. Depending on the underlay you use, you can control how quiet you want your bedroom to be. The benefit of your bedroom being even a little bit quieter will help you relax and sleep through the night, and who couldn’t use a better night’s sleep?

Colour options

While there are seemingly endless colour options when it comes to carpets, there are definitely trends. For years beige and light colour carpets have been the most popular, but darker colours have become a favourite this year.

While light coloured carpets help a room feel bigger, there is always concern about stains. Light colours show imperfections more and that’s a fact. The same rule applies to your carpets. Even in the bedroom, there’s the potential for a knocked over mug of coffee on a Sunday morning or glass of red wine on a Saturday night. If you’re concerned about spills, opt for a carpet with a slight pattern so stains aren’t as noticeable.

Dark colours make things look smaller, but when it comes to carpets darker colours help make the room feel more luxurious and cozy. Adding an unexpected darker colour in your master bedroom will help separate it from the house making it feel like a real retreat.

Whether you go dark or light on your colour choice it’s important to pick a carpet that will enhance the overall look of your bedroom and not overpower it. While a zebra print might be fun for a throw or area rug, we do not recommend covering your entire bedroom floor in it.

Types of carpets

There’s much more to carpets than just the colours. The actual feel and look of the carpet comes from what kind of pile is used. When choosing the right pile type for you, think about your lifestyle and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Plush and twist styles are textured and help give the room a more luxurious look. Another bonus for twist styles is that your pet’s’ claws won’t get stuck in them, so you don’t have to worry when Mr. Fuzz curls up on your brand new carpet for an afternoon nap.

Loop-pile carpets are best for a more casual room. They come in a variety of textures and colours and can be quite chic if done right.

Piles that are shorter and tighter will feel harder on your feet. This is because they’re meant for high traffic areas and are designed to show less wear and tear. Long piles will give a much more comfortable feel and look nicer.

Before you buy

Be sure you are well researched and prepared before you set out to buy new carpets.   Know what you’re looking for and what you absolutely don’t want. It’s likely you won’t know exactly what kind of carpet you’re looking for. If you can describe the look and feel you’re trying to achieve through pictures, you should be able to recreate it. We are here to help!

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